Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will Total Trailers supply to another party that is interested in becoming an agent that plans to conduct business near my retail outlet?

No, Total Trailers builds on their relationship with their agents and wants them to succeed as much as possible in order to create a win-win situation where the agent maximizes on their sales and Total Trailers has a high turnover in manufacturing.

We have devised a rule that we believe to be fair in providing our agents with exclusivity within an area. That being that we will not supply to another business within a radius any less than 30km from an existing agent’s retail outlet.

What is the minimum order required as an agent?

Generally speaking, there is no minimum order is required to become an agent. which allows for several trailers. As an agent, the more stock you hold adds to your credibility as a retail supplier as consumers like to have a choice when considering a new trailer.

Can I apply my own branding to the trailers that I sell?

Yes, in fact, Total Trailers encourages you to create your own branding as it increases consumer confidence and hence sales when you have a strong company brand.

Does Total Trailer’s supply to interstate agents?

Yes, Total Trailers is an Australian manufacturer that supplies its trailers nationwide. We have in-house logistics service which means that we can safely deliver your trailer order interstate to any location*.

* Note: Agents must confirm minimum order amount for long distance deliveries.

How to becoming an agent of totalTrailers, how do I start?

The process in becoming a retail agent for Total Trailers is quite simple, just call us on 03 9369 9999 to arrange for an initial meeting (or phone meeting for interstate applicants) whereby we will have a general discussion.

Can I collect the trailer stock from the Total Trailers factory?

Yes, we will load the trailers onto your transport but you must arrange the pick-up time beforehand. You must ensure that you have all the fastening devices to securely attach the trailers to your transport.

Does Total Trailers supply parts and accessories at wholesale for agents to sell?

Yes, Total Trailers has a range of replacement parts and accessories that agents can purchase in addition to the trailers. Please contact us if you are interested in stocking parts as well as trailers.

How far will Total Trailers deliver?

Total Trailers will deliver Australia wide for an additional cost. The benefit fo this additional service is that we use our own trucks with trained drivers to ensure safe delivery of your trailers and they are loaded onto the trucks by Total Trailers at the factory.

When do I have to make payment for the trailer stock supplied?

Payment of trailer stock is due upon pick up/ collection of the trailer stock. All deliveries are to be paid before dispatch. There are no exceptions to this unless arranged and agreed to prior to placing the order.

Can Total Trailers make custom alterations to a trailer or build a complete custom design?

Yes, custom designs are our speciality, please contact us to discuss in detail.

Are the trailers Australian made or imported?

Total Trailers manufactures all trailers here in Australia in house using Australian Steel.

What warranty is provided on the trailers for agents?

We use Australian steel to build our trailers & offer 36 months structural warranty.